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Knee injuries with old Age, due to sports activities and accidental injuries show common symptoms of Pain and swelling in Knee. Physiotherapy plays an important role in treatment of Knee injuries.


What is this package about?

Knee pain can be caused by problems related to spinal muscles, tendons in lumbar spine, nerves and bones. Muscle spasms may also cause severe pain and disability. The risk factors included with back pain are stress, pregnancy, depression, obesity, strenuous exercise and a sedentary lifestyle.


What are the benefits of the package?

The package is designed to relieve back problems and the pain caused by it. The package has a high success rate with promising results after the end of the package cycle.


More information:

- The package provides a completely natural way of dealing with Knee ache

- It also helps in diagnosing any underlying cause present

- Therapies and consultations provided by the package


What are the problems treated by the package?

- Strained muscles and ligaments

- Structural problems


Plan of treatment:

1. Complete examination of the patient

2. Assessing the reports of MRI, X-ray and CT scan

3. Provision of exercise therapy and electro therapy

4. Suggestions to correct certain postures

5. Frequent follow up to keep track of progress


What are the outcomes that can be expected from the package?

- Relief from Knee pain

- Visible improvement in health condition